How to display subpanel data into different tabs(Help!!!!)

I have one headache problem by showing subpanel data into tabs, which will definitely enhance the data readability.

Currently I have two modules: Person, Job and there are more modules will be added after these two works properly. The relationship is one to many and one person may have more than one role and only the most latest one is active and top the list.
So the current behavior is that the related role data will show at subpanel beneath person detailview. I used to want to show the top role data in subpanel in detailview and historic ones in listview. but it seems not easy going without php code knowledge.

So right now, what i want to do is to show the subpanel data in other tab in the person module and user can swap the tab to see the different data overview like person tab show personal information and job tab show job info,etc.

Are any reconfigured steps to work around this layout change.

Note: I have no experience on PHP so heavy code change is out of expectation.

Thanks any advice

Hi there,

Code changes will be required here from what I understand.

You can have tabs on a users record, where you can add information to the different tabs/layouts.

See this link.