how to display specific account records in popup in suitecrm

I’ve created one ‘account_category’ field in account module. that is dropdown type contains: principle, customer, supplier,and manufacturer. I created Account relationship in Opportunity module.

In the Account popup screen I want only records who’s account_category is principle.

To do this I added one line in custom/modules/opportunity/metadata/editviewdef.php

1 => 
          array (
            'name' => 'opportunities_accounts_1_name',
           'displayParams' => 
            array (
              'initial_filter' => '&account_category_c="Principle"',

But it is not working… please tell me how can i popup accounts who’s account_category=principle.

please give me solution for this…

Hi there,

Try added ‘_advanced’ to the end of your field name.

ya I added _advanced in end of field name.

account popup screen not changing it’s normal…
any other suggestions…?

This answer solved my problem…

add the word _advanced like this:

'initial_filter' => '&account_category_c_advanced="Principle"',