How to display Calls, Task, Notes to a Display View of a Case?

When a staff member views a case I like to have logged calls, Tasks, Note to be displayed within the View Case page. In addition I like to show within the Display View the full contact info of the account accosted withe that case in the Case View.

Can you please elaborate more using a screenshot? Like, you want to display logged calls, Tasks, Notes, and Contact information of the Account related to a particular case on the detail view of the cases module. If yes, then at which place on the detail view?

Thank you for replying. I see that Calls and other items are logged in the subpnael of a case, but one items I like to have displayed is Contacts and Accounts > I have changed Accounts to “Organizations”.

I have provided a screenshot and in yellow highlighted area is were the CONTACT is referenced to the case but only the name shows up.
Can I have the phone number as well show up?

Within the CASE mod I also need to have the “Account” I changed to “Organization” show the name, phone, address. Show up in area of yellow

Thank you in advance for your help