How to delete items in Studio

Is it possible to delete items in Studio that are specifically located in << Fields>>

Studio is just the front face for the fields and layouts that you have. In order to remove an item from <> you have to remove that field from the vardefs of that Module. i.e. if you dont need “description” from your custom module, navigate to /modules/<>/vardefs.php and check for an array named “description”. This is the definition of that field. If you remove this array and Repair/Rebuild, you will not see this in the list of Fields on studio.

I tried to delete Department in Vardefs and got this error message


Is there a solution to delete the fields already defined in suiteCRM?

when you remove the field definition from Vardefs, the screen above would not show.

If you want to remove “department” field from studio then comment department array from below file as shown as screenshot,

File Path : include/SugarObjects/templates/person/vardefs.php

See Screenshot :

Notes: It’ll remove “department” field from all module in which department field is exist