How to customize layout and fields against different users/groups?

It is easy to customize dashboard as individual preference or module layout/fields for all users.

Here I have question - how to customize module layout/fields for different users/groups? e.t., group A users see the Contact function module different from group B users.

Any suggestions? Appreciated.


That is possible with the full version of security suite

How can I get the full security suit?


Thomas this is a 3rd party application

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I installed this suite and did some testing. unfortunately the change in Group A layout was appplied to Group B immediately. same from B to A. Anywehre I configured wrong.


Best place to ask would be the vendor, as this may be a bug in the plugin. However could you send a screenshot of studio an any other important info and a community member or myself may be able to help further

This may be fixed in the most recent version of the plugin: