How to create simple text page for under HR module

Hi All,
I need how to create simple text page for under modules in Suitecrm.

How to Create a simple text page under “HR” module in CRM Menu in to name of “Leave Policy” and how to add the below content . It should be displayed to every user how.

Blow are the content.

Company Leave Policy Document : HR 1.0 - 15/3/2017:

An employee will be entitled to 12 Holidays a year. 3 national holidays (Jan 26th, August 15th and Oct 2nd) and rest 9 days decided by the company.
An Employee will be entitled to 12 working days Paid Leave in a year starting from April, this year to March, next year.
An employee shall not take Paid Leave for more than 3 days during a quarter during the first two years of employment.
Leaves taken, if uninformed, will be calculated first as paid leave (if the employee has got leave quota left for the quarter/year) or as unpaid leave. An employee can decide how does he/she want his/her leave to be processed as.