How to create report in Googledoc from SuiteCRM for calls step by step guide will be helpful

From Googledoc spreedsheet we would like to get the SuiteCRM is there step by step guide to setup that integration?

One idea is that you can evaluate I have seen it being used in a project. It converts sheet into a json.

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How does the integration from SuiteCRM to SheetDB work in case where my CRM is working on our local server Inhouse?

I don’t know much about sheetdb
sheetdb converts the sheet data to json

The rest of the code you will have to write yourself
Probably a scheduler that fetches data from sheetdb and updates/creates records in the CRM

Another option worth exploring is to use leads bridge to connect Google sheets to SuiteCRM if you Don’t want to write code

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I am checking out Leads bridge… I wonder how my local install will connect but looks very promising. Thanks a lot…

Would the help with google translate also?