How to create relation of two related modules?

My condition is:

One Product can have multiple Product Branches. On Product Branches detail view, there will be link field of the parent Product. And on the Product detail view, there will be sub-panel which will display related Product Branches.

How can I implement this relation?

while searching product code, the one should get branches information too if product code will match with branches.

I need an answer from you on an urgent basis.

I am not able to create new subpanel.

Hi, welcome.

You can do this from Module Builder (create the new Product branches module) and then from Studio (add a one-to-many or a many-to-many relationship between Products and Product branches). This will create the subpanel automatically. You might need some extra customizations to get everything right.

Hi Sir,

I have done all the settings but did not get the branches subpanel under the product module.

I need when I search about any product code then relevant branches will also show.

and secondly, when I check branches then there should be the product subpanel.

For example,

The PRODUCT HEADER, for example, is 10-AV. The product BRANCH is 10-AV branch ML, 10-AV branch SY, 10-AV branch SA.

When you click a product 10-AV, there should be a related link to each of the branches so we can look at the details

It is very urgent to create. kindly reply to me as soon as possible.

Thank You, Sir, for Your Help

It is all done as you mentioned. I removed then I recreated the relations.

But there is an issue.

Subpanel heading is showing blank.

I tried to rename it but nothing is working.

Kindly check the screenshot.

Do reply as soon as possible.

Try a few options from Admin / Repairs

  • QR & R

  • relationships repair