How to create Contact Status checkbox similar to the user_status_dom dropdown

I wish to add a row to the Accounts (or Contacts) edit and view with four checkboxes , something like “blacklisted” “no-show” “verified” “newsletter”.

When I go to the Dropdown Editor, I see a dropdown field similar to what I want, where a Contact can be “active” or :inactive". But that’s a drop down, and I want to be able to select none, one, or many options using four checkboxes.

In Studio->Accounts->Fields I can add a “status” field and give it a type “checkbox”, but I don’t see where I can add values to that new field.

I believe the field type you want would be multiselect. The other option would be to create 4 separate fields.

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My solution was to simply create four new checkbox fields, with a default value of 0 (your second suggestion was the correct one in this case). So, instead of one field with different values (blacklisted, no_show, verified, newsletter), each of those is now its own checkbox field, which I think is what I want.

What blows my mind now is that when I am editing an account, I have to double click the entire field column to enable me to check/uncheck the checkbox. That means I have to effectively click three times just to check a checkbox. That’s just plain weird.

Sounds like you are using the inline editing feature. You can click action -> edit to get the edit view of a record.

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Ahhhh…I just tried it, and yes, EDIT view lets me single click the checkbox.