How to create a subpanel in the newly created module.

i have created 2 new modules

  1. Lenders
  2. Loan Program

they have 1-to-many relationship.
1 Lender can have multiple loan programs.

now i have to make subpanel in lender to show all his loan programs.
i don’t know how. please guide me, im a begginer.

note: Lender, Loan Programs are newly made modules. im not customizing any existing modules.

It all depends on how you crate the relationships. Subpanels should be automatically added.
For example:

  1. A relationship many to many will create subpanels on both modules.
  2. A one to one relationship WON’T create subpanels on the modules.
  3. A one to many relationships will create a subpanel on the second module.

Now you can create custom subpanels but that needs to be done manually by adding some code in back end.



but where i have to put code for subpanel in lenders module .?? and what would be that code??
and one more thing subpanel didn’t appeared in any of module.

Go to studio and make sure your relationship was created. Then go to Admin->Repair->Quick Repair and Rebuild

BTW. What version are you using?

I previously, ensured the relationship on studio. and also tried Repair and Rebuild Several times.

My Suite CRM
Version 7.10.18
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Not sure what the problem is. Some questions: Did you deployed your newly created modules already? Do you have access to them trough the main menu?

I have created and deployed these modules previously and also made their edit/detail views.

Let’s try something else.

Go to Admin->Repair->Rebuild Relationships

And check if the subpanel decides to show up.

If that doesn’t work…
Go to Admin->Repair->Repair Roles

If that doesn’t work…
Check if your file permissions are correct

If that doesn’t work…
Check your logs for any error