How to create a sql form

Hello everyone, as an object, I would like to create, in the detail of a module, a tab that allows me to query the DB at will (for example, insert a time interval and obtain all the data based on that interval), an idea on how to do it?

Here are the documentation about how beans are working in SuiteCRM. This may help you to retrieve data of specific module or relational data. If you want to do out of box you can create own query by global $db;

Hi urdhvatech,
unfortunately it is not what I was looking for, I try to be more explicit:

  • I created a custom module
  • in detail of this module, I create a tab
  • this tab must contain an SQL interface, therefore with various parameters to be set dynamically and a key that generates the result of the query
  • clicking the button will generate a listview below

no one can give me an idea?

Update: inside detailviewdefs of the module I entered

'lbl_editview_panel1' =>
       array (
         0 =>
         array (
           0 => '',
           1 => array (
             'name' => 'field1',
             'customLabel' => '<div style = \' visibility: visible \ 'id = \' field1 \ '> ID </div>',
             'customCode' => '<div style = \' visibility: visible \ 'disabled = "false" id = "field">
<input tabindex = "0" enabled = "false" id = "field" name = "field" type = "text" class = "text" value = "bean-> id" disabled = "false"> </div> ',

as proof, but I have to insert a text field that will dynamically contain multiple lines (how is it filled?) and two date fields that will set a reference period (start date - end date), then an enter key that will generate the query result. Also, how do I recover the data from the fields that will be filled by the user? Since $ bean-> id (example) doesn’t work?
I’m banging my head on it, but I don’t know how to proceed… please