How to create a new Field in the Case module to the QuickCreate form

Hello All,

I am having some troubles to do this, so I would like to ask for some help.

What I’ve done so far, was to create this new field, but only for the quick creat form, it does not appear

my steps

1 - create a new field as integer
2 - name the field, tag the Required Field and in the Importable option as yes
3 - I opened Layouts > QuickCreate
4 - Add a new row
5 - Add the new field
6 - Clicked on the + sign in front of the filed, to make it as the others
7 - Save button

for the other forms, edit/view, detail/view, list/view and search, the new field appear, but for the Quick Create form, it doesn’t

The screenshot you sent is the EditView, not quick create. Quick Create is the screen you get if you create a case (or other record) from within another record…

So, for example, you’re in a contact… you click “create” in the cases subpanel… you get a little mini form which is the quick create. If you click “Full Form” you get editview, which appears to be the screenshot you sent us.

Hi sieberta,

Forgive me, but I am pretty new at suitecrm, but I could not find the module then to edit, the main screen I want to change is the Case > Create

I have attached the form I want to add new fields

Well, what I do is… Admin > Developer Tools > Studio > Modules > Cases > Layouts, I find then (Edit View, Detail/View, List/View and QuickCreate

I have no option to FULL FORM there…please, could you guide me how to get there ?

I have attached some new prints…that`s where I can get so far…

Thank you very much for your time


now I see what was my mistake!!

thank you a thousand times for your response…

Glad you got it figured out juniorccs…

Just for others who may read this post in the future. The “Create” View uses the same view definition as the EditView. Quick Create, on the other hand, is only used for creating a new record from within another record or pop-up view.