How to create a field that looks for the same value in contact module

Hi All,


I have a small company where a team of 15 people works. Untill last month we were working with excel, we have almost 1 Million contact information of business professional, due to huge no. of data we decided to move on to CRM and found SuiteCRM as best.

I have downloaded SuiteCRM Version 7.3.2 and did most of the customization with the help of this forum and other internet searchs. Every thing went wonderful untill i came to a situation where i can no longer use CRM. Ill Explain my problem in detail below:

We are a lead generation company, as per our client requirement we can generate only 1 lead in 1 company. Also we have suppression of 17k company in which we don’t have to call. Suppression is by domain (Updated regularly)

Now what happened is i have uploaded 30k Data in contact module in SuiteCRM in which some data from suppression is inclueded. Now when our calling team starts working on this data they are not sure if this company is in suppression or not. So what i did is i created new field in contact module with name “Domain” and created a new module with name “Suppression” and create one to one relation with contact module.

All the contacts have domain field and i have uploaded domains in suppression module now what i want to do is. SuiteCRM should automatically check that if “Domain” field of Contact module matches with Domain Field of Suppression Module than SuiteCRM should modify all contacts in particular account as Do Not Call.

Is there a way to do this?

Any help would be appreciated.