How to change the layout of History subpanel in modules detailed view?

How can I change the layout of Histoy (or other) sub-panels in detailed view of every module?
I want to add decription to the layout.


Developers? Admins?

You need to Google a bit.

There are lots of articles on the Web about customizing subpanels.

Everything you find regarding SugarCRM 6.5 and earlier will probably apply in the same way to SuiteCRM.

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Yeah, it’s unfortunate tho that this page is the only google result that comes up, nothing showing how to modify the “History” panel, like OP had asked. BTW, modifying the “History” panel must be different from modifying other sub-panels, there is no way to do it in GUI that I have found. I feel like your response could have been more helpful, rather than stating the obvious.

I never customized a History subpanel. I don’t have much to add to this discussion. I was answering after the original post was left unanswered for a few days, and after a few bumps by the OP. That’s why I felt that whatever I had to give, even if not a lot, might be better than nothing.

I notice that the OP thanked my post.

I don’t know if it is “obvious” to everybody that they can use documentation for SugarCRM, as long as it is earlier than version 6.5, for SuiteCRM. Also, I was providing search terms for his search: customize subpanels. Often that’s all you need to get to what you want.

Anyway, what’s that about this page being the only thing that comes up, and there being nothing about History subpanels?

1 Like is one of the most amazing innovations of mankind. I cannot stop laughing : )))))))))
Thank you @pgr.

By the way I googled and found the answer but forgot to post the answer here. Since it was a long time ago I need to check that up again and come back here with the answer.