How to Change State to Province in Lead Module Display for Canadian Business

Hi folks,

I have scoured the back end system settings in Studio to try to find the way to change display of ‘state’ to ‘prov/state’ but after changing everything I could find it would not update on the display and looks like screenshot still.

I have confirmed that my global settings are Canadian dollar and all settings seem to be all as Canadian as possible…

Not sure what else to do. I figure this is something simple.

Just to be clear, this is the screen layout when you click the plus sign from the main dashboard and do ‘new lead’.

Thanks for any help.

Admin -> studio -> quotes -> labels -> LBL_STATE.

amazing! thanks for the help. To add to the help, I will provide a saved hour for the rest of the people reading this who would like to manually change these fields to a more canadian version. It would be cool if this was somehow scripted in the ‘global settings’ area of Suite CRM, but I’m not a programmer so hopefully someone will build this feature one day. In the meantime, I changed ‘state’ to ‘prov/state’ in the following labels by following marioc’s advice:

accounts x 2
contacts x 2
employees x 1
invoices x 2
KB categories (x 2) for this one one had already auto-filled not sure why, but there are two lines that need it
leads x 3
locations x 1 (not sure if I’m supposed to change this one as it said ‘county’… but I did)
quotes x 3
targets x 2
users x 1

the rest do not have the province/state labels to change.

Hope that helps!

Thanks again to all you contributors.

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