How to change default home menu?

I would like to remove “My Calls” and “My Meetings” from the default home menu. Where can I edit this default menu?



If you mean the Dashlets, which are rectangles showing in the middle of the screen, you can simply click to remove them on their top-right corner, like closing a window in Windows.

If you actually mean a menu, a text-labeled option on the top of the screen, I don’t think they’re called “My calls” or “my Meetings” there. Do you have any customizations perhaps?

There are options to handle menus in
Admin / Display Modules and Subpanels
Admin / Configure Module Menu Filters

Yes, I figured it out… I changed the dashlets.php in the C:\Bitnami\wampstack-7.1.10-1\apps\suitecrm\htdocs\custom\modules\Home folder. Then I reset the users home page and that did what I wanted. I had earlier found the section where I could remove certain modules from the users access.

I did not see where I could, by default, remove the “My Activity Stream”. If you know where I could remove that from the default menu, then that would help!

Thanks for your quick response!

Jack Clark

See this thread

it tells you where that information is stored, for each user. But you’ll still have to figure it out for yourself how to make a new user get those settings…

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