How to avoid duplicate CASES while creating Case from incoming Email

Thank you all for your support ,

I have done incoming mail configiration ,now I am getting incoming mail and when I get incoming mail cases are creating ,but here I need to do some filter to create CASES

      should not create ```CASE``` in below senario.
  • If that incoming mail is [FW:] or [RE] case should not create
    should create "CASE" in below senario.
  • if that incoming mail is External and in TO address if our incoming mail Id is there in that senario o only CASE should create

This above points are to avoid dupliacte of CASES

how can do this challenge ,


Plz can any one help on it ?

plz can any one help on it .

Perhaps your issue is related to this fix, which should be included in the upcoming version:

You can also try applying the fix manually.