How to attach an email to a Contact and an Opportunity at the same time

Is it possible to attach an email to both a contact and an opportunity at the same time, or do we have to do it in 2 steps as we do now?
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Have you tried a Workflow to do that? Maybe you can come up with one that works for you.

Or if you can code, you could add it with a logic_hook.

I can’t code, and I’ve never worked with workflows so far, but I’ll try!
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You can relate an email message to multiple contacts and opportunities at the same time without writing code. Follow the following steps:

  • Go the the email module
  • Navigate to the folder containing the message
  • Right click on the message
  • Select view relationships
  • Scroll down to opportunities
  • Click on select in the downwards pointing arrow to specify a related opportunity
  • You can do the same thing concerning related contacts