How to assign multiple accounts to one contact?


I want to make provision for assigning multiple accounts to a given contact name. For example, for a particular contact I want to add his current account name as well as his previous account names. All I need is provision for adding multiple accounts just as there is provision for adding multiple email addresses while creating a contact. I tried modifying the module from the administrator but failed. Is there any way I can achieve that? I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

Hello, This may be achieved simply with the use of Relationships!

Go to Admin panel > Studio > Contacts > Relationships > Add Relationships > Create a One to Many relationship. and select the Accounts module as the Many relationship. Now you will be able to have multiple accounts to One contact, viewable under account dropdown in a contact full view ,you wills see all the accounts assigned to that specific contact.

I hope this helps!

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