How to alter imported e-mail and link it to different record?

I have imported an e-mail and linking it to the record of a custom module, That’s fine, in the Inbox the e-mail shows as imported and it appears under History.

Unfortunately, I have linked it to the wrong record in the module and want to change it.

When clicking on Edit I can alter the relationship but there is no Save or Submit button.

This may be a bug. Any idea for a work-around?

You can try to fix the bug by checking your logs and any errors in the Javascript console. it’s strange for the Save button to be missing…

To workaround it perhaps the best way would be to (carefully) replace the id in the appropriate table in the database.

Another thing that might work (but I am not sure about) is de-importing and re-importing. Maybe this can be done by deleting the imported email, but check if it also deletes it from the server, which is NOT what you want. Do some tests first with a test email.

I have upgrade from 7.10.7 to 7.10.9 and the problem is solved. Must have been a bug in 7.10.7