How to add sugarfield in custom view

Hi guys,

I created a custom controller action_convert and added my custom view. In my custom view I want to add a sugarfield like relate field(Assigned to)
How do I proceed with this.

Thank you in advance


I don’t know the answer, but I can give you a couple of tips to increase the odds of getting help here:

  • post in the Developer Collaboration section of he forums

  • post complete parts of your code (within the forums’ code tags) and specify the exact paths/filenames you’re using. Often the problem is just because you’re not getting the paths right, or you have some basic syntax error, etc. It’s easier to help by seeing the code.

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Thanks for the posting advice.

I was able to achieve what i wanted by copying the relate field html from the browser and adding it to my custom view. Trick part is you need to put it in a form so the callback for the popup will be triggered and populate the relate field.

I think there is some other way to achieve this, maybe by using a metadata.