How to add lineitem in opportunity module same as quotes module


I wanted to add line item in my opportunity module.

Please suggest me the best steps.

Hey there,

Were you ever able to get Line Items added to Opportunities?

I’m not sure how to do it myself, i’m afraid, but I’d imagine it would require a good bit of custom work.

You would likely have to relate Opportunities to: Line Items / Line Item Groups / Products/

As well as copying the Line Items Vardefs from either Quotes or Invoices to get an Idea of how it should be built.

There wasn’t much on the forums around this, but I did find a post in which a user detailed rough steps needed to add line items to another module: Add Line Items to Cases For No Charge Work Orders (Cases)

As well as there being a plugin on the Store for this exact scenario:

Hopefully anything above helps!