How to add custom field in sub panel only from relationship table?

I have a module(Packages) and a sub panel with another module(Services) in relationship with it. As shown in below image-

In the above image its a sub-panel of a module(Services) in the relationship, I have added a column (counts) in the relationship table in the database.

My requirement is to add that field in this sub-panel list view like shown in the image in the red rectangle, which is ideally not possible from the studio as per my knowledge. If anyone has an idea to do stuff like this please share.

There are several discussions about “fields in relationships” or “relationship fields”. I saved a few on this list:

It is not very straight-forward, but it is possible.

If you don’t want to go through all that, you could give up on saving the counts in the relationship table, and just use a process_record logic hook to calculate the count when presenting the list in the subpanel.