How to achieve parent child in suit crm using SecuritySuite ?

HI I have created two group as ABC and XYZ and create two role as salesmen and sale-admin . Here we want to achieve child and parent relationship between this two role. I will explain in brief, Suppose group ABC having the sales men as A1, B1, C1 so for this we have created account for each salesmen and also created role as salesmen. For salesmen we kept the permission of lead module in all value is " Group" , So any of the salesmen in the group ABC login and add there lead or edit there lead and so on it working fine . Here we have also added the security group ABC to the role and added each user to role till this step it working fine.

All sale-men can manage there lead it’s fine , But I want to add one sales Manager on this three sale-man so he can view all lead provided by sales-men all in ABC group. So I have created new role as sales-manager and try with same access as permission of lead module in all value is " Group" , There are many option as “not set”," Owner",“All”, and “None” in this . We kept “Group” , But Sale-manager role behave like sale-men if we select “All” option for permission we got both group lead as from “ABC” and “XYZ”.

So Please help me that how can we able to display all sale-men lead to sale-manager of particular that we have created , As early I want to achieve parent child relationship between sale-manager and sales-men group wise. Thank you

Sorry I don’t have time now to really wrap my head around your specific description, but have you seen this article?

I hope this helps

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Yes thank you, I have already build the structure using this article . Be specific about requirement when I am creating lead i want to add group(security) of user to lead, Now lead is add to all group in lead record display to all user . I don’t want to assign from list view Manually . Here I want assign group of user to lead record automatically from user is belong during lead creation time .

You have to learn how to use Beans from PHP. I suggest Jim Mackin’s eBook “SuiteCRM for Developers”.

Then you can try an after_save hook.

To actually add the relationship to the Security group, you can get some code from this answer I gave recently:

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Thank you.