How to access REST API?

How to use/create RestAPI?
Documentation ( was not helpful, can any body guide me to do it?

Do I have to write code for below points? Or it’s already there?
I need an API URL for following:

  1. SuiteCRM URL that looks for and finds a matching contact.
  2. SuiteCRM URL that opens the matching contact record in a browser.
  3. SuiteCRM URL to create a new contact.
  4. If SuiteCRM supports journaling what’s the URL.

You can try buying Jim Mackin’s “SuiteCRM for Developers” eBook.

Or go from here:

… I think it applies as SuiteCRM is still using REST API version 4.1, the endpoint is

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Apparently the old APIs still around as well.


That’s on purpose, to avoid breaking compatibility with old apps integrating with SuiteCRM.