How the Designer Built this as its breaking.

How the Designer Built this as its breaking. Image has been attached, it looks really worst at the time when asking to provide the new password.
So how to fix it? If possible please provide the specific code so that it can be fix.

#any help will be appreciated

Please look this attached image as it is not fully responsive. how the developer made this,it look really worst. Before releasing this new version u must check every corner cases. You must check everything before the release so many issue i can see before n now also.

there is alway been browser compatibilty issue. before also n now also i can see in chrome and in mozilla as well. Nothing change with new version

look the attached images. how to fix it???

Because of such “glitches” i switched to the old theme.

I need the solution of it in new version. I am not getting If old one is better than what the use to make this new version of suiteCRM 7.7.

How designer made this.Even a child can see it how page has bee design. Also browser compatibilty issue in between mozilla and chrome. what is this??
old version also having same problem. Same issue in new version also. check the UI of login page in different browser.
I was looking for new version where all issue will be sort out but no changes.

#disappointed so muchh

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Have you reported this on GitHub so it can be fixed?