How the API works in suite?

Hello everyone, as per the subject I wanted to know the operation of the API on the SuiteCRM side.
The scenario is this:
I have an external application that stores operators’ schedules, now I would like to import these values inside the Resource Calendar. I have read that it is possible to use the API, but I am missing the kind of approach on the API, from A to Z (where to start? Which files to edit? What to insert?), I have searched within the forum (also the official Suite documentation), but they all start from the end, i.e. with pieces of code to insert for the link and in this way I don’t understand where it has to be inserted and the previous operations.
Can anyone tell me how to proceed? Thank you.

The version of suite is 7.11.23

Can no one give me an indication?


you have to decide first how to integrate these systems in general:

  • option 1) the crm is actively pulling from the third party system (suite is using the other systems API) or
  • option 2) the third party system pushes data actively to Suite (third party system is utilizing Suites’ API) or
  • option 3) a mix of both

if you want to consume another system’s API, you will probably use logic hooks for executing the request (e.g.: “whenever I save a new contact, push it to my invoicing system”):

if a third party should want to read/write in Suite, then you use the inbuilt API:

But: I never used the API in regards to the resource calender, but I assume its related to the project tasks.

If you want to “use” Suite’s API, you do not have to touch anything in Suite. You call the endpoint (rest/soap.php) from the third party system.

okay, I think the logical thing is to operate then external software side, use its own logical hook and write something like this here?

$url = ‘<SITE_URL_OF_SUGAR>/service/v2/rest.php’;

After that, how do I collect suite-side values? Where will I have to operate?

I’d recommend to use version 4.1 (/service/v4_1/) instead, like described on the tutorial page above.
Further, all available methods are described here:

the usual flow:

  • call the “login” method to retrieve a session id. this session id is used to authenticate all following requests.
  • retrieve or push data as needed. usually, you would use methods like
    • set_entry → create a new record in Suite or
    • get_entry_list → retrieve a a set of records (includes usually the internal id of an object

I would suggest to first create and test all requests with a tool like postman. After having your requests working, you can start extending your third party application.

I’m sorry, after a closer look, I can’t operate on the external application side, because it’s not provided by this system to export the data that I’m interested in. so I’m necessarily going to have to work on the suite side, so I’m in what you call “option 1,” it’s going to be suite to invoke the third-party API.
Now, to do this, where should I start? Where do I enter the link URL?

is the other applications API capable of providing the data? If so, this is your first step. Create the requests for this system in postman, and if they work, you start integrating them in Suite.