How set dashlets on homepage to all user

Where can i find template file for the dashboard so i can made my custom HTML

suit.crm= 7.8.8
php =5.6

thank you

That’s not really the way it works (i mean, there is no template), but it can be done from the database, check this out:

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. I want to customise Activity steam so I just want change look up of the activity steam for posting and commenting. Thank you for your time.

There is a Dashlet that shows any URL you give it; you can use this for any web-site you want to show in the homepage, or build one for that purpose. That will work well for stuff you don’t need to integrate into SuiteCRM, but only need to show.

Then, for the customization you want to make to the Activity Stream, you will need to customize code to achieve that, but if you still keep it as a dashlet, then this way of copying dashlets from one user to the other will work.

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to force your users into a specific Home screen design. If there’s enough value in the information you’re showing, if they need to see it and act on it, they will naturally leave it there. Whether they want it on the left or on the right is probably best left to their choice… but that’s up to you to the decide, of course, I’m merely suggesting.

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