How history sub panel works?


Could someone explain me how history subpanel works?

Account history subpanel is showing all the past records, and it is not showing history related to one specific record.

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That doesn’t sound right.

The best discussed together History and Activities subpanels are for tracking of contact between the CRM and the record.

I.e if you set a meeting then it will appear in the Activities subpanel and once the meeting is held then it would display in the History subpanel.

Things like emails will also be displayed in the history subpanel.

What kinda of records is it currently showing? and are they definitely not in relation to the record?

Hi @Mac-Rae,

I found the issue, and the reason for the issue was, on my workflow I have assigned my email to send the emails under the email action. Also, after modifying the email action as send an email to the assigned person system worked well.

Thank you for checking!!

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