How good is SuiteCRM really?

Sorry to come on to here and have such a negative first post, but when searching for a CRM SuiteCRM came up tops everywhere, am just curious how this can be, I really really want to use this system but with every fresh install (as I would never dream of updating it) there’s always a number of core features that are broken, how can this be ?

7.10.10 is not even allowing me to send an opt in email which was there on the previous version, it has now disappeared and there is some issue with sending mail now which was not there before hand, with every fresh install over a number of releases there’s nothing that works as it should straight out of the box!

The forum is full of what seems to be groundhog day issues that are repeated constantly, does anyone have a working version, if so which version number ?


Is it related to the following? (as of 7.10)

very happy from 7.7 up to 7.8.20.
did not move to 7.10 yet as it needs more time to be in production (my opinion only).