how edit Invoice number field?

hi i’m italian and i need to make invoice field editable. At the beginging of each year we need to reset this number to zero:
es. 00012015 … 00992015 --> afeter 31-12-2015 --> 00012016 … ecc

i opened a topic becouse this fileld isn’t displayed when we create a invoice:

but it isn’t a bug so i reopen the question here.

For italy this field have to be visible and editable when we try to create it.

Can someone help me?

so should the user be populating the number on the edit view or should the system be pre-populating the field and just allowing the user to edit it ?



in other words, the system pre-populating the field based on the last enter in progressive way and the user could edit or not this visible field.

The only problem I can see here on the page loads the system gets the next number as the user is filling in the form someone else goes to to create a quote and it generates the same number. the two users save both their quotes you then have the same number.

The problem you will have is making sure they are unique unless you want it completely random ?


you are right.
the best thing is to assign a temporary invoice number and then after saving change correctly in respect of progressive number. But i know that it require a specifictly develompent.

So for the present i would like to know to have an editable empty field.