How does one install a HotFix?

I see one of the issues is fixed (the variable email merge thing).

So how does one install the hotfix mentioned ?

  1. Take a full back up of all your files and of your database
  2. I recommend that you first try on a copy
  3. Download the affected files:
  4. Replace the old files with the new ones in
  5. reset permissions to the new files
  6. Log in as administrator
  7. Quick repair and rebuild
  8. clear browser cache

This fix will not be upgrade safe so, each time you upgrade your system, until the fix isn’t added to the core system, you will have to check whether the files have been overwritten with the old ones (in such case you will have to copy them again and follow the above instructions starting from point 4.). In case the files have been modified by the upgrade, but without including the fix, you will have to merge them as well.

I repeat: try first on a copy!!!

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It WOrked!! :cheer: