How do you track replies to a sent email

This is my first day on any type of CRM and happy to have found suiteCRM for my new business.

Today I send an email to a lead and what I want to do is track the reply, so that if I do not get a reply within a few days a notification is sent to me to contact them again.

My current long-winded solution is to go to emails and import the sent email, then I created a case, then I created a task related to that case (because I can’t relate tasks to imported emails by the looks of it).

I’s there a smoother way of doing this? I have googled but the solutions are related to non-suitecrm scripts.

Hey there, welcome to the Community :tada:

I don’t have time now for a proper reply, but if you read up on Group emails you’ll find they have auto-import abilities


thanks prg!

ok so that’s interesting that cases can be auto generated. What I wonder is if I need to create a case and then a task, as a means of tracking if the customer has replied to my email within x-numer of days? Or can you think of a better way for us not to forgot an email contact? I mean, it’s a great thing that we have emailed the person, but not so great that we forget to follow it up (if it does need to be followed up) in the event of a no-reply.

There are several possible ways to do it.

Remember you can use Workflows to automate some of these steps (for example, creating a call automatically when a new case is created).

Sometimes, instead of reminders, it’s best to simply use work-lists: if an employee looks at a dashlet on his front page with all open cases, that should be enough to catch the situations you need to catch. But this is very specific to each organization’s processes, only you can know what’s best.

Try playing with the existing features until you can come up with the best solution for you.