How do you navigate emails in CRM


First off, thanks a ton to Mike Beck for sharing the CRM user guide. It has been extremely helpful and I am sure if I use it correctly I will make enough money to fly down and meet Mike and thank him in person.

Started using the emails via the CRM and I realise that there is no way to go to the next page of the emails.

I have selected to view 50 emails at a time but after I read these 50 emails, how do I see the other emails in my inbox?

Thanks arangar, I’m glad that I’ve helped you. Sadly I don’t use SuiteCRM’s mail system because I know that is messy and even Sales Agility is re doing it. I’ve seen a road map in the past and by the version 8 it will be released.

Can you provide some screenshots here regarding your problem? also provide you SuiteCRM version, system OP, php version, mysql version, etc.

best regards