How Do Roles Function When Assigned to Security Groups

I have a security group that has both one user and the a role (group of users) assigned to it. That security group is assigned to a case yet only the individual user in the security group can view the case, none of the other users assigned to the role that is assigned to the security group can view the case. The case was created outside SuiteCRM using the API logged in as the individual user in the security group. Can the users in the role not view the case because none of them created the Case. Otherwise I would think this has to be a bug in this old 7.8.41 version of Suite? Or I’m not understanding how roles work in Security Groups. I would think it should be straight forward: Any user or user within the role assigned to that Security Group can see any record with that security group assigned to it?

I’m not 100% sure from your discription, but I think you are confusing Roles and Groups. It seems your description of “Role” is actually “Group”. ( may have misread, but thats what I’m thinking).

In order for a user to see a case (assuming they are not the owner)…

In “ROLE” they must have:

  1. Access to Enabled,
  2. List View to at ALL
  3. View to ALL

Then all users will be able to see all cases.

If you are using Groups (which is not necessary unless you have a complicated structure)

In ROLE they must have

  1. Access to Enabled
  2. List View to at least GROUP
    3 . View to at least GROUP

Then they will be able to see cases that belong to the group which the user is in.

So in this example BOTH the user AND the Case must be in the security Group:

Hello @jcrist

yes, like Paul mentioned:
Security Groups are usually only used in situations, where you’ve got restrictions - maybe sales team north / sales team south.
Or department A and department B.

If you create cases via API, you can either remove the sec groups and grant customer service access to all cases.
Or you’d build up your support teams (e. g. 3 dedicated teams for 3 different product groups with 3 sec groups. Then all team members - those with the appropriate user + sec group related - will be able to see the created cases).

Check out this video with an demonstration / idea, how those can be used: