How do I send translated emails based on the language on the user record?

I want to send an email to the user based on their language. is this possible in Sugar CRM ? can anyone help me with an example because I am not sure how I can achieve this.

We’re not SugarCRM here, we’re SuiteCRM. Is that what you’re using?

I’ve seen this functionality requested here before, but it doesn’t exist yet, I’m afraid. It can be done with simple code customization.

Sorry, I am also using Suite CRM. How can I achieve this functionality in Suite CRM?

As I said, it needs to be developed.

One relatively simple way to do it is to multiply the Templates, and use a naming convention:

Welcome letter (generic, default template)
Welcome letter.en-us

Then tweak the code applying the template to first check the contact’s language in his profile, and use the correct template (if it exists - otherwise use the generic).