How do I debug an AOW fatal?


I see those in my log:

Mon Jun  1 16:50:57 2015 [32258][1][FATAL] AOW Array
    [Cases] => effc1c47-d7ad-8c59-8ae5-556cefdae6c6
    [Users] => 1
    [Accounts] => 335815e1-49c8-f5e7-04f8-4f5058d72a3c
    [SecurityGroups] => 1
    [AOP_Case_Events] => 16fc1f94-487c-f530-996f-556cef314ad7

How do I debug more about what is the problem here?

Doesn’t look like a fatal error to me, just looks like an output of an AOW array, although these shouldn’t be outputting in the fatal log…I’ll look into this.