How do I alter the duplicates settings?


So I am a completely new user of SuiteCRM, and so far I am really loving it. However, I am a bit inexperienced in both CRM and IT departments, so I am asking the community to lend me a hand.

First off, I am not exactly sure how the duplicates work.

Here’s what I plan to do:
Import thousands of contacts into suiteCRM, and many of them, I know are duplicates, but I can’t afford to manually seek them out one by one and use the duplicate merger. So, I was wondering, how do duplicates on import work?

More importantly, which fields will be looked up when the duplicates are being found, and how many of them have to be the same or simillar in order for it to recognise a contact as a duplicate?

I’ve found the tool where I can select whether a field will be looked up when the duplicates are being searched for actually, but I am wondering how does it work? Will the duplicate tool recognise a duplicate based on a certain percentage of matching in ALL of those fields, and if yes, what’s the percentage? Can I change it?

I’m not sure how accurate the current tool is anyways so, if it’s accurate enough as it is (you guys feel like it is) then let me know aswell please, but I really cannot afford any duplicates based on what I am doing, so I want to set things straight. What I’m looking for is being able to say for instance:

Duplicate will be found if: 75% of all fields (the ones that the tool should search) are identical AND gender field is a 100% match (unless blank), etc… :stuck_out_tongue:

Any ways to do this, any suggestions, or am I just breaking my head with pointless things here?

Thanks alot in advance, great job SuiteCRM people! It’s a lovely system from what I’ve experienced so far. :slight_smile:

Regards, T750