How do I add an item from another module to a view?

For example, SuiteCRM has Opportunities’ Editview with a field to select an Account item to it.

I would like to add a field that assigns a custom Module’s item to the Opportunity being created.

Im running SuiteCRM locally: Windows 7, Apache, PHP 7.x, MySQL, SuiteCRM 7.11.8.


The Opportunities module edit view has the Accounts module field because SuiteCRM by default created a relationship between opportunities and accounts.

You can create a relationship between opportunities and custom module and SuiteCRM will add the custom module filed same like Accounts module.

Thank you!

[strike]So I renamed Opportunities into Job Opportunities and Contacts into Clients, and I added a many to many relationship between the two modules. (second one)

But I can’t find the field on the side in Studio> Job Opportunities> Layouts> Editview

I found in the documentation that one to x relationships will create fields and many to x will create subpanels.