How Create a workflow process

Hello, I just started to have a closer look to the workflow process in Suite CRM and I want to create one but don´t know how. I would like to set up a workflow that shows all leads created one month ago as a kind of reminder for me so that I can follow them up.

Can someone please tell me what exactly I have to set up in the worklflow? Thanks a lot in advance.


You won’t be able to do this exactly as you’d like in workflow, but you have a couple options.

You could create a report that displays all leads that were created a month ago

Or, you could create a workflow that will send you an e-mail if a Lead was created one month ago
If you choose this option, see the attached screenshot. The Condition & Action specified in there should be enough. (Given that you have set up E-mail functionality in your CRM)
However, you will likely have to create your own “Email Template” as there will not be one that suits this criteria by default