How can increase or disable access_token_lifetime

Hi, One of my clients wants to prevent access_token (client_credentials oauth2) expires, or increase the default value (3600).

I put this on config_override.php, then i click on Repair & Build:

$sugar_config[‘oauth2’][‘access_token_lifetime’] = 7200;
$sugar_config[‘oauth2’][‘refresh_token_lifetime’] = 7200;

But always i request an access token, expires_in value is 3600. Any idea? Thanks in advance.

Check here. I’m sure most of it applies to SuiteCRM also:



I am having the same issue and wondering if you came up with a solution?

Did someone find any solution for this ? Need to put a bigger lifetime for a token

Thanks for your reply ! But this is for cookie no ?

I need to extended the token life time for API request, 1h is not enough, need to put like 24h.