How can I set rules for passwords

Wha’ts the best way of setting rules for passwords in SuiteCRM?

I want to put rules in so that a users password has to have Minimum 8 characters at least 1 Alphabet, 1 Number and 1 Special Character

Not natively … you need some custom code … we looked at it for a customer … it’s not a big ask.


Sorry for not agreeing with the previous answer.

In config.php there are a few lines containing password rules:

‘passwordsetting’ =>
array (

‘minpwdlength’ => 6,
‘oneupper’ => false,
'onelower => false,
‘onenumber’ => false,

I think this will solve the request.

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V Barroso

Thanks - I guessed I’d need some custom code -

Just checking in case I’d missed a setting :slight_smile:

V Barroso the settings in config.php are ignored - they are used in Sugar Pro

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Checked password setting and I agree - it is not working.

However in SugarCRM 6.4.4 CE this feature was working! Maybe this functionality can be easy to implement/recover.


V Barroso