How can i send email on date created and modified by workflow

I want to send two email by workflow.

  1. On date created
  2. On date modified

First email on immediately on created a new record and second after few minutes like 15 min on date modified.
What is the conditions for these two email in workflow?
These mail should not be send together i want to send these mails in time interval.
Please guide me how can i do this?

Thank You:

This is very simple to do:

Create a new work flow record,
Select the module you want it to run against,
Set it to run on to New records,
Don not add any conditions,
Add and action and select Send Email.

For the modified create a second work flow record and do the same thing except set it to run on modified records.

thanks for help.
Your first condition working fine. Mail are working on new record but when i am trying to send email on date modified its sending email with create new record means i am getting two email on new record created.
I am applying condition for Accounts module
Accounts --> Date Modified --> Equal to --> date --> Now-10 min

Send Email:
Email --> Record Email

Thank you:

Hello Andy,
Thanks for help but this condition not working. It again send the email immediately on record save i want to send email after few minutes.

Please guide me.


Hi there,

Please provide a screen shot of your workflow, showing the conditions and actions.



Check my condition below in screen shot