How can i hide "Service line" button in Invoice module

I want to hide the “Service line” button in crm into add group div in invoice module.
Guide me how can i do this.


Hi there,

You can remove this by modifying line_items.js in modules/AOS_Products_Quotes, although this will not be upgrade safe.



Thank you.
I did style='display:none; in this line but i remove the button from Quotes module also and as you said this is not the upgrade so can you please guide how can i hide the button only into invoices module with upgrade save.

footer_cell.innerHTML+=" <input type=‘button’ tabindex=‘116’ class=‘button’ style=‘display:none;’ value=’"+SUGAR.language.get(module_sugar_grp1, ‘LBL_ADD_SERVICE_LINE’)+"’ id=’"“addServiceLine’ onclick='insertServiceLine(”""",""+groupn+"")’ />";’


Hi hemantaseri1,

what you did , its better than to remove the add service line button.

beceause if you remove the button, there are many functionality regarding this in

modules/Aos_product_Quotes/line_items.php & line_items.js

files. No need to remove . so it will not hamper while upgradation.


Thanks for reply Jaydeep.
Is there any other solution to hide this button which will upgrade save because don’t want to show this button in our CRM.


Do this it will work fine,
put input type =“hidden” then no need to remove. fully upgrade safe. :slight_smile:

footer_cell.innerHTML+=" <input type='hidden' tabindex='116' class='button' value='"+SUGAR.language.get(module_sugar_grp1, 'LBL_ADD_SERVICE_LINE')+"' id='""addServiceLine' onclick='insertServiceLine(\"""\",\""+groupn+"\")' />";


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Hello Jaydeep,
Thanks for help.
By this code it will hide the button from all module where “Service Line” button appearing like Invoice, Quotes but i want to remove this button only into Invoice module not into Quotes.
Please give me solution for this…


Do one thing then , write one condition
First check that from which module it is calling check return_module
Suppose if its invoice then button type= hidden otherwise button type= submit. Try this.