How can I delete some field in Quotes module(pic inside)?

Hello, I do want to know how can i delete one field in the quotes module, as you can see in the image, i want to delete(field and label) “Numero de parte”, so my question is How can i do that? In the studio or in the php files?


you can go and delete it in studio but you can also delete it in back-end. but be sure to know all the relationships for the 2 fields you want to delete. for safety purposes, use studio to remove that field under detailview.

Thanks for answering, but it’s not working for me, every field that are in the picture are not in the detail view, i guess it’s because those fields only appears when i click the blue button.

You don’t have to delete them.
just remove the fields you don’t want from all the views.

Thanks for the help, the problem is that those fields that are only visibles when I click in the blue button are not in the studio, so i can’t disable them from the view.

Yes they are existed inside Studio but not in the field section. Check the Layouts!
This must be a relationship field. Relationship fields aren’t displayed inside Studio->-> Fields…
The are only displayed in Studio->->Layouts (including subfolders). Check the Layouts and its subfolders.

EDIT: Also check the subpanels section (below Layouts)

my bad, i meant ‘remove’ and not ‘delete’.

I found the layout I do want to remove, but if I do remove it, Is the the field removed as well?

Thanks for the help :smiley:

If you remove the field from layout it is not deleted. Just it is not displayed(similar to hidden)

EDIT: If you delete a field from Fields or a relationship from Relatioship section, it will be totally deleted.

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Got it, thank you so much :smiley:

you are welcome :slight_smile: