How can I convert multiple targets to leads

Hi Lovely Community,

I need to convert multiple targets(500) to leads at one go.
I can convert it one by one, is there a way where in I can convert it in one go?

I also want to search target based on Account name, Is it possible?
As I am only able to search target in Global search by Its first names not by Account name.
Where in In case of lead I can search it by its Names as well as Account name.

I have already enabled Account search option in search setting still do not know why it is not working in the case of Target.


For the multiple targets question: I did it by accident several months ago when first setting up SuiteCRM. Some jumped the gun and started entering in Targets instead of Leads. So, as I remember, I exported all Targets. Deleted the rows not wanted from CSV file. (Think I added a custom field that I already had in Leads.) Imported to Leads. Going from memory here, as I was just trying to fix a different problem.
Maybe worth a try.
For Acct Name search/filter, go to Studio/Targets/Layouts/Advanced Filter. From the right side column drag and drop Account Name to the left side. Save and Deploy and it should show up as a Filter option now. Although, I think I had to log out and log back in for it to show.
AcctName Filter

Hope this is of some help.

Thanks for the reply, will definitely try the studio search in target…
I have figured out the mass conversation as you stated.

That is I exported all the targets and Imported all of them in leads.