how can i change Currency Significant Digits for PDF generator

Hello guys, a small thng need help !

I am trying to change: “how can i change Currency Significant Digits” at (user) User -> edit -> advanced -> Locale Settings or / and at (admin) admin -> Locale.

  • Instead of 123,456,789.00 it would be 123,456,789 (I don’t want 2 zeros behind) - Ok, i’m done
  • this I have completed when setting up in the user profile, and there is no problem with creating Quote, however when creating PDF of Quote, in the “$ aos_products_quotes_product_qty” area the tens unit does not appear, only number of units. (meaning zero does not appear), if you try to select 10 … 120 … 1200 then the result is still 1 …12 … 12
  • I have sent photos to testify, and I am currently testing it on WILL’s account (//

* looking for help with this small issue. Thank you !

Yeah, i found the solution. just replay ($value), ‘0’) with ($value), ‘1’) that meaning the “quotes_product_qty” No longer governed by “Currency Significant Digits” and the currency formats will be within Zero behind (10 / 120 / 300 …)

(lines .. 151-154)
if ($name === 'aos_products_quotes_product_qty') {
$sep = get_number_seperators();
$value = rtrim(rtrim(format_number($value), '1'), $sep[1]);