How can I add line items in pdf template


The module invoices contains line items, which allows you to select products, or add services, etc.
The problem is that when i create a pdf template of this module, i do have to add the fields that will be visible in the pdf, but the line items are not there to choose.
How can i do that? Do i need to relation those 2 modules? Or something like that?


Maybe my question was not clear, with this image im sure you will understand it.

In the pdf templates you have to choose the fields that will be visible in the pdf, but those fields that are in the image, they are not visibles in the pdf template, the fields that i want to add are from line items.

How can i do that?


when you create a pdf template

You can select from a dropdown that states “Load Sample”

Select Invoice

It will pre populate the PDF template with a sample invoice - This has the line items inside

Thanks, it works, i do have another question,
Can i add fields from another modules in the same pdf, for example, i’m in the accounts module and i want to add products to that pdf, products that accounts are related to.
I tried writing the name, $aos_products_name with accounts module selected, but when i print the pdf the name $aos_products_name still there, it’s not transforming into the name i was expecting.
Is this possible?

PD: Products is a related field, in the accounts module.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

I created a new post, asking the last question i ask in this post, since i think it’s not related with the actual question: