Home page with error

Good day!

i have issues with the home page of the crm, all of the users are getting the following error.

“There was an error processing your request, please try again at a later time.”

we were ussing the version 7.11.7 and it was having issues with the dashlets (cant edit them)

so i upgrade the system to the last release 7.11.15 and we are still having the same issue.

FYI, the home page start when someone click on the RESET HOMEPAGE.


Do you get any errors in your SuiteCRM or Apache logs when this pops up?

I also find that I occassionally get this error when there is a mismatch between Database & CRM

Could you perhaps run a “Quick Repair and Rebuild”, and “Rebuild JS Grouping Files”
(These can be found in the Admin->Repair Section)

Does running either of these help?

Ask your user to run the following url in their browser while they are logged in (make sure you customize with your domain first):




Hi John, thanks for replying!

Do you get any errors in your SuiteCRM or Apldache logs when this pops up?
Negative, i dont get any error.

and at the moment i run the quick repair and rebuid it stops in this: Rebuilding Extensions…


i did run it and it is the same, a blank page like this:

Can you enable php error display (from php.ini ) and stack trace error (in the config.php crm file)
if you navigate to other modules does the error still pops up?
Did you add any dashlet and then deleted it or any custom field that is no longer in the system?