Home page not editable

In my actual SuiteCRM installation (Version 7.11.7) it is not possible to change anything on the home page for all users.
Checkbox “Prevent user customizable Homepage layout:” in Admin > System is not true.
I tried activating and deactivating the checkbox withot success.

I’m admin of another installation with version 7.11.5. No prblem with home page there.

I this a problem of version 7.11.7?

Today I installed version 7.11.7 twice for testing the home page error…

  • New download from Suite Server https://suitecrm.com/download/
  • Installation at 2 different servers
  • 2x test mmediately after installation
    Same result: Nothing can be changed on page Home of any user.

In my opinion it must be an error of version 7.11.7.
But I wonder, why nobody else has this problem …

You should check the System Settings from Admin. Make sure the "Prevent user customizable Homepage layout " is Not checked.



Of course I checked this checkbox.
See my first input to this thread

If anyone will check this error:

I created a test-installation with
user: test
password: test

This user has admin rights
Please do not hesitate to test error with not editable home page

And here is the link to test installation


My bad. Didn’t read your post properly. This is a known issue on 7.11.7. Check here for the solution:




Thank you very much for this hint.

I got folder “include/SugarCharts/Jit” from Upgrade package “SuiteCRM-Upgrade-7.11.x-to-7.11.7.zip” and copied it into my installation.
And now it works fine!
Thank you very much